Sensual Artwork Using Cake Frosting By Ivan Alifan

Dear art lovers, today we gonna take a look at Sensual Artwork Using Cake Frosting By Ivan Alifan. It´s milk? Butter? Has someone sneezed into his artwork? 

Sensual Artwork Using Cake Frosting By Ivan AlifanIvan Alifan is the artist behind all of this abstract art, sensual art that makes you feel comfortable or not.

Sometimes Sensual Artwork makes people have discomfort feelings, but this one is different. The many layers of texture using cake frosting to create such unusual texture for his paintings, is just amazing.

The contemporary art process usually starts with Staging.

He ask friends, who also happen to be modern art artists of some kind, to participate in a photo shoot. The shoots are often messy and sticky because of the varieties of sweet and dripping substances that are used.


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Sometimes his Sensual Artwork from start to finish, it can take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks to complete. 

He tends to work only in oils. Maybe because throughout history oils have been viewed as the material to best replicate the human flesh.

This is due to its ability to mimic translucent skin and create beautiful mud tones. In addition, it ages like the human flesh, as opposed to acrylic, which he associates with being too plasticity.

His has a fascination with a particular subject, like mushrooms, or trying to challenge himself with a new technique, such as heavy texture.

His sensual artwork is also attracted to certain aspects of the painting, whether it’s the color scheme, finding new perspectives of the human body, or the way light comes into play.

He is also turned off by certain things, such as painting a lot of skin or the use of muddy colors.

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