Social Media culture through graffiti

A great example of contemporary culture, street art stencils are truly one of the most appreciated art forms in urban environments.

Armed with ink and imagination, a Vancouver street artist, know as has iHeart stenciled a series of street art compositions. The result is amazing. The main theme is social media culture and the relationship the new generation of children has with this new culture. 

Throughout his public works, the artist known as iHeart imagines kids interacting with facebook and twitter, toying with their smartphones, writing in hashtags, whining about instagram notifications and complaining about auto-correct.  Many time seen as obsessive, the connection with gadgets and particularly smartphones is deeply questioned in his stencils.

Social Media culture through graffitiA child types away on her smartphone, with message bubbles painted above her headSocial Media culture through graffitiSocial Media culture through graffiti‘Download font’ appears as a ‘button’ beneath a graffiti tagSocial Media culture through graffitiThe young girl scribbles a huge hashtag onto the wallSocial Media culture through graffiti#Graffiti #is #just #meaningless #tags — an interesting play on wordsSocial Media culture through graffitiA stenciled child takes a selfie