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Wooden clothes featured by the fashion designer Sruli Recht’s in the Autumn Winter 2013 menswear collection named CONCENTRATED.

Made out of layers of walnut wood triangles and then mounted on a textile base it creates a strange and unique “material” that forms the geometric shapes to the human body almost like an normal jacket.

Sruli Recht – Concentrated Sruli recht concentrated ILoboyou

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The collections isn’t a colorful one and black and grey are broken only by an yellow ochre suit and a matching pair of suede shoes that have the patterns of the wooden items repeated on their soles.

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Recht is also known for creating a ring from skin surgically removed from his own belly for the collection.

After the operation, the 110 by 10 millimetre strip of skin was salted and tanned, then mounted on a 24 carat gold band to create the piece of jewellery, which can be purchased for €350,000.

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Sruli Recht created a short documentary with graphic scenes of the operation, performed by a plastic surgeon, which can be watched in youtube but you need to enter with your account for age safety and… I only suggest it if you have a strong stomach.
The anthropodermic leather ring forms part of Recht’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection, to be presented in Paris tomorrow.
Other items of jewellery in the collection combine black and white acrylic resin with fool’s gold and peacock ore specimens, fused in a process akin to fossilisation and hand sculpted by jewellery artist Jade Mellor.