Step Inside Polly Borland’s Humorous Art Exhibition

Polly Borland is one of the most talented photographers of all time. The contemporary artist has been collecting some very recognizable prizes along the way, providing her with a very amazing and juicy career.

polly borland

The Polyverse exhibition will be presented at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia from September 28th until February 3rd.

Ranging from photographing in Australia, her native country, to golden opportunities such as shooting for The New Yorker, The New York Times and The Independent. At some point along Polly Borland‘s marvelous career, she was even asked to photograph the Queen for her 50th anniversary of the accession, obviously included in this art exhibition but this time as a tapestry piece.

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“Borland shoots on film, taking many rolls to achieve the final images, and never altering the works in post-production. The works reveal Borland’s finely crafted skill for capturing uncanny moments that stretch our understanding of the human body,” said National Gallery of Victoria’s director, Tony Ellwood.

Some would consider her work like fun art, others would simply think it’s odd or bizarre but for Polly Borland, she only wants to explore the human body in all the unfamiliar and unexpected ways. Her artwork of the human body is alluring, absurd and enigmatic, a true artistic creation with a pinch of humor.

Polly Borland invites her audience to come to see this art exhibition and let this surreal and distorted artwork and for her, the artwork where she gets to explore the human body is her favorite and the most satisfying to produce.

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