Stitched Amazing Sculptures By Amanda McCavor

Let´s start with the amazing  Stitched Amazing Sculptures By Amanda McCavor. An Toronto based textile artist that uses various colorful threads and a sewing machine to construct sculptural installations that dance between two and three dimensions.

Stitched Amazing Sculptures By Amanda McCavorThe contemporary artist stitches on a special fabric that dissolves in water to create the surfaces of thread turning into these art installations.

Through renderings of objects like sofas, kitchen tables, and backpacks, as well as arms and hands engaged in work, she explores connections to home and the fibers of the body.

The modern art artist is interested “in thread’s assumed vulnerability, its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.”

The contemporary art artist studied in Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and she exhibits widely.

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Modern sculptures made in many different colors, flowers, furniture and birds.

Her art installations poetically re-engage the viewer with their surroundings by transposing physical objects to a flattened thread “drawing” of sorts that lies somewhere between the tangible and the imagined Sculptures.

Coming from a background in drawing, Amanda has developed a unique fiber abstract art practice in which she uses a sewing machine to draw layers of thread, moving from light to dark, and giving the thread enough structure to hold together.

She is interested and excited by the potential thread has to create both readable images and abstract images.

The inspiration sometimes comes from personal photos or tracking down old roommates so I can take pictures of the furniture they took with them from our shared living spaces for pieces like the Living Room.

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