Sweet Little Baby Heads Sculptures By Qi Xuan Lim

Sweet and dear art lovers, are you impressed by tiny artsy things? Then you gonna love Sweet Little Baby Heads Sculptures By Qi Xuan Lim.

This amazing Singaporean student has become internationally famous in Instagram, with more 76,000 followers, with Qimmyshimmy as her Instagram name, this new artist has created the most cute tiny baby sculptures.

Sweet Little Baby Heads Sculptures By Qi Xuan Lim

This 26 years old “accidental sculptor” is creating tiny baby candies or a pie with little hearts for filling, miniature brains and the most cute tuna fish cans…but instead of having tuna, they are filled with fantasy art such as little arms, little heads and maybe little breasts.

Every modern art tiny sculpture are made in pastel colors giving that cute look, but they are in reality tiny human arts, and human teeth, amazing human art.

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The contemporary artist said she started sculpting such items with polymer oven-baked clay around four years ago when she was under The Apprenticeship Programme by Noise Singapore, a youth arts platform organised by the National Arts Council.

“I like my art to have that similar tension; to present something precious and charming, but then there are these little elements that creep you out,”  said the abstract art student.

The contemporary artist aims to end her studies in design while she is in Europe, she not going to stop doing these remarkable cute baby modern sculptures sculptures, but then she plans to go back to Singapore.

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