Tatiane Freitas: Blending Old with Contemporary Art

Since way before Tatiane Freitas was creating great contemporary art, graduated from Fashion school or even thought about exploring the world of design, she was already looking at objects in a way full of wonder on how she could turn that simple piece into both practical and artistically admiring.

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The artist used craft wood the most in her contemporary art, but she has also been incorporating other materials like cement and acrylic, with her wood pieces.

I Lobo You recently uploaded a photo of one of the artist’s pieces on Instagram and got surprised by its audience that absolutely loved the ‘My Old New Chair’ artwork.

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This odd combination of materials in one piece, clearly demonstrates that Freitas is eager to create pieces that will evoke time and history, thus bringing to their new owners the same feelings evoked in her.

Details and an old design lost in history, the wood part resembles old furniture, the same one that we would probably still find from our grandparent’s house interior design, while the clear acrylic part, has more of a modern touch, something that we would have and buy nowadays to complement our house’s interior decoration.

Her artwork’s concept is the contrast between the Past/Present and Old/Young. The memory they bring does not remain trapped in the past, but also adjourned with the contemporary days.

The artist’s contemporary art is a reflection between memory and identity, a representation of what we did in the past and can do now in the present. In this case, Freitas revisits her past through her artwork and it is filled with old and new memories.


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