The 21st century house

The concept of modernism started after the Second World War and was adopted by many architects. It continued as a dominant style into the 21st century and generated different reactions like Postmodernism and Neo-modernism.

Today we are going to show you a list of 21st century houses to inspire you and make you dream.

001-house-monasterios-ramon-esteve-estudio  The 21st century house 001 house monasterios ramon esteve estudio

Beautiful mansion with exclusive design a big outdoor swimming pool.

1  The 21st century house 1

Modern house with swimming pool and wooden structure.

Amazing_Glass_and_Concrete_Godoy_House_in_Mexico_on_world_of_architecture_01  The 21st century house Amazing Glass and Concrete Godoy House in Mexico on world of architecture 01

Gorgeous luxury two-story house with big windows.

e34727d6f62c1fb47fc236868d50ad8e  The 21st century house e34727d6f62c1fb47fc236868d50ad8e

With the right luxury furniture, this mansion will fulfill every girl’s dream.

Gorgeous_Modern_Stone_House_On_the_Beach_Mexico_on_world_of_architecture_01  The 21st century house Gorgeous Modern Stone House On the Beach Mexico on world of architecture 01

Incredible mansion with a wonderful view and a lovely exterior decor.

graham27  The 21st century house graham27

Unusual structure and glass-walls. A very interesting architecture.

Incredible_Romantic_Home_Above_the_Ocean_California_on_world_of_architecture_01  The 21st century house Incredible Romantic Home Above the Ocean California on world of architecture 01

Decorate it with high end furniture and you got your dream home.

Which one did you like the most?



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