The Best Art Galleries and Museums in Cologne

Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city, but when it comes to artistic culture this city is at the same level as the best capitals of art in the world. For art connoisseurs and passionate, Cologne is at forefront of international art scene with high quality galleries and museums, mixing classical and contemporary.
Cologne hosts as well the famous annual ART COLOGNE is the world’s oldest art fair for modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st century. Today’s fair annually invites approximately 200 international galleries to showcase painting, sculpture, photography, prints, multiples, installations, performance and moving image art in the city of Cologne.

So if you are planning to visit Cologne here are the best art galleries and museums

Kolumba The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne Cologne has a strong Catholic past, with the cathedral being its most famous feature.  The museum itself is worthy of artistic interest, combining remnants of the original St Columba church, a 1950s chapel and medieval ruins in a beautiful juxtaposition of old and new architecture. Kolumba offers a refreshing variety of art that is often lacking in similar museums. See also

Museum Ludwig The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne This museum has the most extensive Pop Art collection in Europe. It is the third biggest Picasso collection in the world and one of the best collections of German Expressionism. In this museum one superlative follows the other. A generous donation of 350 works of modern art by Peter and Irene Ludwig to the city of Cologne.

Galerie Artclub The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne Housed in a renovated fire station, Galerie Artclub is more impressive than its humble name suggests. Members of the ‘club’ are invited to display their art in one of the five exhibition halls – either as part of a group exhibition or a solo feature. The stylistic and thematic variety on show always allows for an interesting viewing experience.

OffArtCologne Galerie The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne OffArtCologne, an independent art gallery, is located in the old town, the gallery can be difficult to find, but persistence is well compensated. OffArtCologne prides itself on offering talented young artists a forum for their work. The exhibition space is small, with a personal and intimate vibe, and minimalist decor that compliments the colorful art.

Käthe Kollwitz Museum The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne Though it’s located in the heart of the city, visitors to Cologne could easily be forgiven for missing the Käthe Kollwitz Museum, hidden as it is above a shopping gallery at Cologne’s Neumarkt. The 750 pieces housed in this museum may not be particularly uplifting but demonstrate impeccable skill and an emotional pathos that will leave few indifferent.

Skulpturen ParkThe Best Art Galleries & Museums in CologneThe Cologne Sculpture Park is a space that challenges easy categorization. It is, arguably, neither a museum nor a gallery, but for any art lover it is not to be missed. This park is the perfect destination for those looking for something other than the traditional museum experience and there is something rather liberating about viewing the pieces outside.

Galerie Nagel Draxler The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne Galerie Nagel Draxler  since its conception has become one of the best places to see truly modern art in Cologne. The gallery’s original aim, of showcasing revolutionary conceptual art, has given it a wonderful element of unpredictability.

Galerie BoisseréeThe Best Art Galleries & Museums in CologneGalerie Boisserée, located in the center of downtown Cologne, is a champion of the graphic technique and dedicated to presenting the very best in graphic art. The gallery contains single artist exhibitions allowing visitors to get a real sense of individual artists’ chosen style and approach.

The Museum of East Asian Art The Best Art Galleries & Museums in Cologne The Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst or the Museum of East Asian Art is a well-known name amongst Cologne’s museums. this museum is doubtless fascinating and provides a unique perspective on East Asian culture in Cologne.