The Best Contemporary Architecture in Basel

Switzerland is known for its distinguished architects. Besides the country small size, the number of talented architects per meter square is bigger than any other country in Europe. Basel city is a must-visit for any contemporary architecture lover.
Basel based architecture office Herzog and De Meuron explained the varied forms of language that they used to create a conversation between architecture and  city ”Basel, a Swiss city bordering three countries, is characterized by many languages. Architecture, is also a choreographed dance of languages, including those of art, music, light, void and mass, skin and surface, transparency and obscurity, layering and materiality”.

This is a selection of the many iconic building that you visit in Basel

Museum Der Kulturen – Herzog and De Meuron
The Best Contemporary Architecture in Basel
Museum of Ethnology, located right in the heart of Basel’s old town, has been renovated and extended so as to include new exhibition space on the top of an already existing building. This addition is crowned by an impressive, irregularly folded, roof clad in dark green ceramic tiles (concave, convex and flat).

Foundation Beyeler Museum  – Renzo Piano
The Best Contemporary Architecture in Basel
The Beyeler Foundation museum born after the arts patron and collector Ernst Beyeler decided to expose his extraordinary art collection with the public. Beyeler wanted the art to be lit entirely by natural light and the museum to be immersed in the surrounding ground  . Keeping Ernst Beyeler’s love of natural light in mind, Renzo Piano designed of the roof: a veritable “machine for zenithal light.” See also the best museums in Basel

BANK BIS  – Mario Botta
1The Best Contemporary Architecture in Basel
Situated in downtown in Basel, Botta’s design for the UBS bank  is his largest north of the Alps. The great half-circle design is characteristic used in his projects as well as the discontinuous bands of light and dark stone.

Messe Basel –  Herzog and De Meuron
The Best Contemporary Architecture in Basel
With 50 000 square meters the new hall for the Messe Basel  where the Famouse Basel world is exhibited  spreads across two floors, each 8 meters high. This huge volume facade has sparkling of interwoven metal strips, with each of floors slightly offset. The ground floor, is designed for public use to be a “city lounge” , it’s a covered plaza that opens to the sky through a large, interesting hole .

General Trade School –Hermann Baur
The Best Contemporary Architecture in Basel
Four strikingly different structures are grouped around a courtyard. The 1950’s building houses the industrial trade school and the College of Art and Design). Also notable are Hans Arps stele in the courtyard, and the stepped pyramid the steps form seats by Armin Hofmann.


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