The best interior decorators in 2014

In its last edition, Elle Décor has selected the best interior designers in 2014.

Here we present you our personal top 10, based on the designers selected by the renowned magazine:


Though the styles of his rooms range from sumptuously lush to strictly tailored, Bilhuber consistently offers an all-American take on classic decorating, one that emphasizes crisp execution, commonsense comforts, and brisk organization—which explains why he’s considered the Billy Baldwin of the 21st century. Clients include Anna Wintour of Vogue and David Bowie. He’s the author ofJeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics (Rizzoli, 2003) andDefining Luxury (Rizzoli, 2008).



Her watchwords: bohemian, provocative, edgy, idiosyncratic. This part-Vietnamese fashion stylist turned interior designer is famed for creating high-impact environments packed with major-league modern art and exotic hand-wrought details, from exuberant embroidered wall coverings, to funky built-ins lacquered to a mirror-bright sheen, to elegantly adorned matchstick blinds. She’s also known for her offbeat colors, which range from dark and dreamy to acid-bright.



Based in Washington, D.C., this cerebral former lawyer turns out cool, calm, and collected spaces that are distinctive in their masculine rigor and minimal yet evocative atmospheres. They are full of smart neutral fabrics, dark-wood furniture with soulful patinas and strong silhouettes, and restrained accessories, often set against walls painted chalk-white to heighten the poetic effect. His rooms and his furniture designs are spare without being austere. In 2008 Carter published his first decorating guide, The New Traditional (Clarkson Potter).

The best interior decorators in 2014


Juggling commissions that range in style from mod dramatic to relaxed rustic, Cohler has a unique high-low aesthetic and devises exciting but livable interiors full of color and layered with art and objects. Ancien-régime antiques are as likely to be a part of the package as a 1960s Lucite table, and a neutral palette is always enlivened with bright stripes, bold patterns, or surprising graphic accents. His rooms manage to be both unexpected and supremely comfortable.

The best interior decorators in 2014


The French-born interior designer’s eccentric glamour delights high-profile folks such as best-dressed writer Amy Fine Collins, hairstylist and entrepreneur Frédéric Fekkai, and novelist Jay McInerney. The look? Often a major mix of the grand and the contemporary: Louis XVI commodes, cutting-edge modern lighting, flamboyant tapestries, knockout works of art, custom-made furniture with an Ottoman air, and dashes of Lesage embroidery. Imagine a seraglio by way of

The best interior decorators in 2014


A decorator to the stars—actress Elizabeth Taylor, producer Brett Ratner, and music impresario Russell Simmons among them—Los Angeles–based Fernandez traffics in a well-traveled, laid-back, and inviting style; a kind of low-key luxury that’s not flashy but is immediately recognizable to the cognoscenti. Among his favorite elements are gutsy furnishings, beefy linen, natural woods, Windsor chairs, cowhide, woven-rush carpets, hefty braided baskets, and almost anything Danish Modern. The results are as easy as they are stylish.

The best interior decorators in 2014


A classically trained architecture graduate of the University of Virginia, Gambrel creates rooms that run the gamut from soigné country to high-gloss urbane. A daring colorist, he’s unafraid to use bright pinks, emerald-greens, deep grays, and cerulean blues. Pieces wrought in shimmering lacquer, tactile surfaces (supershiny or rugged matte), and conversation-starting antique and vintage furniture mingle with his own signature upholstered creations in rooms that evoke the panache of earlier eras while never ignoring the needs of modern-day life.

The best interior decorators in 2014


Known for restrained and refined rooms with cerebral atmospheres and strong architectural foundations, Hagan merges traditional aesthetics with the requirements of modern living. Her crisp, uncluttered designs are not only visually appealing, her many clients—who include Revlon chairman Ron Perelman and comedian Conan O’Brien—find them supremely peaceful. Her first book, Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits, will be published by Rizzoli in October 2010.

victoria hagan


Echoes of history and strong doses of glamour are the Atlanta-based decorator’s stock-in-trade—though she has an appreciation for funky mod Italian furniture as well. Her specialty is rooms that broadcast Euro chic crossed with Southern charm and ease, where gilt-wood antiques are energized by contemporary art and concentrated bursts of sharp color. She is the author ofSuzanne Kasler: Inspired Interiors (Rizzoli, 2009)

The best interior decorators in 2014


Elegance, sophistication, and classicism are the touchstones of this Virginia-born designer and her thoroughbred style. Her livable glamour is inspired by English, European, and American traditions, channeling those iconic influences into a wide range of expressions—country-manor pretty, cozy chalet, Anglo-American suave—whose common denominators are comfort and suitability. Her new book, Charlotte Moss Decorates (Rizzoli), will be published next spring.

 The best interior decorators in 2014