The most beautiful glass designs in History

Glass is a rigid material formed by heating a mixture of dry materials to a viscous state, then cooling the ingredients fast enough to prevent a regular crystalline structure. As the glass cools, the atoms become locked in a disordered state like a liquid before they can form into the perfect crystal arrangement of a solid. Being neither a liquid nor a solid, but sharing the qualities of both, glass is its own state of matter.

And now that we’ve told you what the definition of glass is let’s see art and history in a compilation of some of the most beautiful glass structures in the world:

The most beautiful glass designs in History

Corning Museum of Glass, New York, USA

“Glass has been a major part of human history and has played a significant role in nearly every part of our daily lives.”

The most beautiful glass designs in History The most beautiful glass designs in History

Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France

Gothic Architecture developed out of Romanesque. New developments in building techniques meant that Gothic churches could soar higher and become flooded with light.”

The most beautiful glass designs in History

Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church, Lowell MA, USA

“A stained glass window memorializing all the members of Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church who served the country in wartime. Installed in 1950.” In these days we can see that some people already apply, mix color glass, in some parts of their homes combining the historical glass with the glass design. So many around the world that continue to surprise us with those beautiful colors, now imagine the beauty in the colors of the glass when the light pass thought into your home to color up your day.