The most import Russian gallery will be now a studio

Aidan Gallery is one of Russia’s leading contemporary art galleries of the post-Soviet era, and for the last 20 years sheltered important names of the Russian art. But this month, Aidan Gallery will cease the function of gallery as we know it. Instead of the commercial gallery as it has been, Aidan Salakhova, the gallery’s owner, will open her own artistic studio in order to focus on her own artistic, educational and experimental creative projects, as well as those of her students and her circle of artists.

The Aidan Gallery will be now Aindan Studio and the objective of this new space will be to search for a new artistic language, to hold exhibitions, as well as multimedia and educational experiments that are not possible in the framework of a traditional commercial gallery.

Aidan Salakhova

The Gallery may be seen like one of the milestones in the history of the Russian contemporary art. On its first years  of existence, there was really no market to speak of, but the place was a creative center and a driving force for the development of the field and reached great results, the the art market has grow and the Russian art world’s institutional environment has transformed.

And was because of these results that Ms. Salakhova decided that the mission of the gallery is now completed, and those creative tasks that she set to accomplish when the gallery was founded have been achieved.

Sacha Frolova for Aidan Gallery

But there’s no reason for mourning, to motto for the change is exactly to keep the development of the art that needs support  and not to continue to function as just a commercial entity that would execute less and less grapple with creative issues.

The new Aidan Studio will be partially open to the public. But the basis of its activity will not be exhibitions, but rather the creative activities of Aidan, her students and her circle of artists. Unlike the commercial gallery, the main focus of Aidan Studio will be on creative results. Plans include cooperation with curators, performers, musicians, and artists working in the field of audiovisual and multimedia experiments. One of the inspirations for this format is Andy Warhol’s Factory, which was the creative center of New York City in the 1970s 80s. Some results of Aidan Studio will be presented to the public not through exhibitions, but through new media and social networks.

Irina Davis for Aidan Gallery

We are confident that the new studio will be a driving force for the further development and growth of the Russian contemporary art scene and art market, the creation of which Aidan Gallery devoted all its previous energies over the past 20 years.

Oleg Dou for Aidan Gallery