“The Postcard Age”, exclusivity out of time

It is no longer what it was. Nowadays you automatically send an email or join a bunch of images into one social network. But as it was in 1900? It is recalled? Museum of Fine Arts, Boston recalls you…

Until the 14th of April 2013, we will attend the exhibition “The Postcard Age: A selection from A. Lauder Collection “ at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A display allows not only a journey through the visual beauty but it offers us a cultural history.

Fortunately, some passionate about this ancient and unique design postcards could save some of them. These unique and old postcards are now displayed to the public.

Leonard A. Lauder is one of the gentlemen that we should respect for his powerful file of old postcards. Patiently been gathering over time, a rich collection has been carefully selected to be displayed.

“The Postcard Age” features about 400 cards by a wide variety of artists and publishers from throughout Europe and the Americas. Organized not by style but by themes with sections such as, urban life, the changing role of women, sports, celebrity, new technologies, the stylish collectors’ cards of the art nouveau, and World War I.

A vivid picture of the cares and concerns of the acts.