Tree Chair: the search for refuge is over

Tree Chair: the search for refuge is over Carbonell 12 1024x502

Young kids often dream about building a tree house that they can run to whenever things go wrong. Some of us, grownups, probably wish one too. But… what if this house built itself? It would surely save us a lot of work.

Nacho Carbonell, the artist known for giving life to inanimate objects, turning them into characters that always arouse empathy, tells us a similar story, namely one about a chair who wished to become a tree. Not in its own interest, one must say. Its main purpose was to provide shelter to those in need, whether they were humans seeking for a safe place or insects trying to escape a rough winter.

Tree Chair: the search for refuge is over Imagem44 824x1024

It wanted to be (and knew it could be) more than the other chairs, because – unlike them – it had a soul. It had been built (or born?) to become more than a mere place for people to sit on. So, on that fateful day when it realized it was made of the very same material as the trees surrounding it, it interpreted that as a sign and decided on something: it would do anything in its power to achieve its goal.

It then started to inhale as much air as possible. Its back side grew towards the sky at an unimaginable speed and gained the form of a ladder. Its wish had come true. The only thing that was missing and that it now needed to take care of was the shelter itself. And so it did: it collected all the branches, all the leaves it could find and built one at the top of its hea… ladder, sorry.

This is a story about persistence – and above all generosity – that should inspire us all. And Nacho Carbonell found a way of conveying it through a great piece of art. The photos speak for themselves.


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