Twisted Art furniture by Matthias Pliessnig

I just checked Matthias Pliessnig art furniture, and I just love it.

The word “Amada” it means the intimacy and physical closeness.  curves and bends of each other, yet discovering them over and over.

Amada is also the name of the signature piece, a 27-foot-long bench made of strips of bent white oak.

From the world of art and avant-garde furniture…

Giant macaroni steam bent wood benches!!!

Mathias Pliessnig is an art furniture designer based in Brooklyn, New York. He works with computer-aided steam bent wood to create amazing interior home decoration and modern furniture.

The technique used in the making process is similar to the one used to build boats and the design borrows some lines reminiscent of water vehicles.

In some of his sketches, we can see that the inspiration for the benches design follows the fishes spine movement and form.

He creates twisted, modern, vanguard and artistic furniture. Most of his pieces are lobby benches with a carefully studied attention to details.

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He also has an Instagram account full of amazing furniture design photos, an account with 60k followers being one of them his little pug called Alfred Griffon with 235 followers on his Instagram account. In some photos, we can see little Alfred taking a nap in his furniture.

And maybe some of his decor design was inspired in his little Alfred.

Twisted Art furniture by Matthias Pliessnig

Or the furniture design inspiration maybe just came from Italian recipe ingredients… like bits of macaroni and onions.

Who doesn´t want to sit and rest on a design like this or even take a nap?

Who doesn´t want to sit and rest in an art furniture design or even take a nap?

He creates pieces that would be lovely in a natural, modern interior design.

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