The Unique World of Philip Wakeham Sculptures

Take a step into the The Unique World of Philip Wakeham Sculptures. Be amazed by the wonderful contemporary art created by Philip Wakeham based in Lifton, Devon.

The Unique World of Philip Wakeham SculpturesThe artist studied at Exeter College of Art and the Royal Academy of Art.

Firstly his designs were inspired by the clients, but his modern sculptures get inspiration on the tradition and the natural environment.

The aim of the artwork is the human face and the body.

His sculptures are all in bronze he does all his own foundry work. But before he also worked with clay.

The artist rarely uses a mold for the sculpture making this a whole unique and exclusive piece. One in the world.

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He starts by drawing from a model and taking the head or and torso to make a wax image.

Then he can start to sculpt these modern art sculptures.

Unlike most sculptors Philip Wakeham casts his own work in bronze to use the whole process in a creative way, and so essential to producing true beauty and fidelity.

He creates a new and unique world by creating human and not human faces and bodies, he gives us a glimpse of magical or mythical human beings and faces.

The artist says: “It is the human face and body that links all my work, even when the natural and man-made imagery are disparate. Because I create the whole work from the original to the bronze casting, I can control the process. As important as control is, chance and serendipity are essential to the work, breathing in a life and reality that can’t be faked.”