Valentine’s Day Special


Valentines day it’s almost here, don’t be that “guy” that forgets to give something special because only tough about it last minute. I’ll leave you some fantastic suggestions that can help you so you can still run last minute, and “melt” your lover one more time. Let’s start with the black macarons named Strange Love, that were born from the partnership with Laudrée and the creator Reed Krakoff. It was just released last friday at their Madison Avenue Store. Let’s admit it, chocolates are so last season… try offer macarons.

Another thing to do is buy a Piper-Heindsieck Valentine’s Day Special Limited-Edition Rosé Sauvage, and as Marilyns said “…begin a morning with glass of champagne Piper-Heidsieck”… treat her like a movie star. This limited-edition bottle for Valentine’s Day, is covered in stunning pink rubber snake-skin-alike cover, no way she’s gonna be unnoticed.

And what about a “breakfast at tiffany’s”? Every girl would like to be Hepburn for one day, why not try to? Tiffany’s pieces are always a delight, and no doubt are everytime the perfect gift, cuz just like Holly most woman are “…CRAZY about Tiffany’s! “.

But if you are really deep in love … why not propose? Do it!! With the most beautiful and iconic rings in the world … yeah once again I’m talking about Tiffany.

We already suggested you the breakfast, but for lunch or dinner you should really go and spend your Valentines “honey moon” at the Pangkor Laut Resort. Pangkort Laut is more that a resort, is a magnificent island were you can enjoy nature, beach, luxury and love all at once…

So what are you waiting for? You still have more than 24 hours! Go and have a great Valentine’s.