Wood Pixelated Sculptures By Hsu Tung Han

Wood sculptures yes!! But are you prepared for Wood Pixelated Sculptures By Hsu Tung Han??

For most of us, pixelated photos are an annoyance. But the incredible Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han, however, uses them for inspiration in his latest series of stunning modern art wooden sculptures.

Wood Pixelated Sculptures By Hsu Tung HanBy carving delicate block-shaped details that separate from various parts of the statue art, the contemporary artist successfully creates the bizarre yet magnificently original illusion of pixelation in 3D form.

He applies this technique masterfully on his most recent modern art, which depicts a snorkeler underwater.

The wooden ‘pixels’ seem to represent the water that surrounds and submerges the snorkeling man.

Han has been posting photos of his carved sculptures on his media, and has developed a unique niche for blending traditional styles of woodwork with modern artistic elements.

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The Taiwanese artist is a master of puzzling together pieces of wood into unbelievable figurative sculptures.

This contemporary art sculptor thinks of his work as a puzzle, carefully laying out each piece in preparatory drawings and clay models.

Then, strips of walnut, teak, or African wax wood are joined together and worked over meticulously in his sculptures.

Using positive and negative space to great effect, the wood blocks either push or pull.

This gives his abstract art a dynamism that seems to set them in motion. Whether they appear rushing forth or tranquilly pulled apart, each wood sculpture is a masterclass in how artists can manipulate contemporary art.

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