Zhoujie Zhang Merges Digital Design With Art Furniture

The top furniture designer is notorious for the integration of automated digital design and elements of spontaneity and chance. To create his fine art pieces, Zhoujie Zhang inputs basic mathematical instructions into a computer and allows the program to generate their forms. All his unique design pieces are then cut, assembled, and polished by hand in his in-house workshop. He also uses a method of production with the aid of artificial intelligence, in which he takes as little control as possible.

100 Top Product Designer: Zhoujie Zhang

“My work is just to try to open the diversity of digital output and let customers and people choose what they want. I have no personal aesthetic view on it. I just try to elaborate and try to make it functional and practical, then people can choose their favorite.” Zhoujie Zhang

Brass Spider Chair Unique Dining Chair
Brass Tornado Square Center Dining Table

Independent designer, digital artist, and associate professor at College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Zhoujie Zhang is graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and is a member of the Architectural Association. As one of the best product designers in the world, he established Zhoujie ZhangDigital Lab in 2010. Actually, the Chinese top product designer is a pioneer in the realm of digital creativity: I Lobo You brings to you some of his most creative and iconic works!

Brass Triangle Stool Side Chair

“On a deeper level, I have been tremendously influenced by our culture and tradition, but not in the appearance or outside look of my works. It’s deep inside, so I try to express myself. It kind of comes out naturally. I think the ideology comes from very basic points of view about nature, about what is a masterpiece, what is art, what is great art in our history.” Zhoujie Zhang

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Collectible Design Ebook Boca do Lobo
MC03 Endless Form Chair Series Stainless Steel Customizable Black
Mesh Object #MS-C02
Mesh Object #MS-C03
Object #MT-S1-S Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Table

According to him: “I believe that objects in the digital world will grow as nature does, in an organic way, but we just need to discover why and how that happens.” His work is known for being autonomous, experimental, and revolutionary. Furthermore, his collections have been displayed widely around the world.

Object #MT-T2-F-L Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Table
Object #MT-T2-S-S Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Table
Sensor Chair

Zhoujie Zhang’s work mainly focuses on the simplicity of reason and diversity which is based on his understanding of nature.

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Angra Sideboard