Artistic Hardware Options For Black Friday

Pullcast days shopping event is on! In today’s articles discover the amazing opportunities for this Black Friday!  Get ready and fill your shopping cart because you will be able to enjoy some discounts.

PullCast Black Friday: Save the date!
PullCast Black Friday: Save the date!

Black Friday is coming in full force, and it is the perfect opportunity for one to remodel their home with new luxury items. The world stops on this traditional shopping day, and every single business offers a comprehensive range of discounts.

Series of design inspirations

PullCast Black Friday: Save the date!

A day like Black Friday appears as an excellent occasion to come across new findings for your home. Keeping this in mind, PullCast have gather a set of best discounts for you: shop during the week of black deals from the 21st to the 27th of November and save 30% on all orders. Discount applies for both stock and made-to-order pieces, and if its not enough we have a great news, your shipments to absolutely anywhere in the world will be free. If you think its too good to be true, wait until Cyber Monday on 28th of November and receive additional 5% off. If you want to buy our best products and you haven’t done so yet this will be the perfect opportunity, don´t miss 35% off – storewide!

Decorative Hardware Inspirations 

PullCast Black Friday: Save the date!

 PullCast is showcasing a series of decorative hardware inspirations that are perfect for the season and have an innovative touch to them!


Aged Brass Hardware

Aged brass hardware usually has a classic appeal to it and sometimes can offer more vintage-inspired touch. It retains the warmth of golden tones but acquires darker undertones. This type of brass is perfect for accessories and if it receives lighting effects it certainly accentuates its beauty. Discover a plethora of handles and pulls by PullCast that benefit from this finish.

Limb EA1025

Driven by the natural cycles, PullCast shaped the Limb big-size door pull, a piece of a collection of earth-inspired hardware, that takes the shape of a peculiar branch made to impress. Limb will become a beautiful composition in one’s contemporary designs.

Comb EA1049

The grand design inspiration behind the peculiar aesthetic of Comb was based on one of the most pleasing sights in nature, the honeycombs phenomena. PullCast was so marveled by the angular perfection that bees can form, that the brand had no other choice than to create their interpretation.

Euphorbia LE4007

PullCast Black Friday: Save the date!

The Euphorbia cabinet handle was inspired by a delicate little tree that reaches the peak of its beauty in Spring. Euphorbia’s green leaves are arranged around the stems, and during May, they turn into a beautiful and charming white. This exclusive drawer handle presents a brass frame with cubic zirconia crystals, adorning your designs, cabinetry, and sideboards with a majestic glow.

Onyx: A Limited Edition Pull

PullCast Black Friday: Save the date!

A part of PullCast’s Limited Edition collection, the Onyx cabinet hardware echoes the night sky’s stillness through the darker black nickel hues. Its architectural lines and crystal details provide a sleek aesthetic and add an extra layer of sophistication.