Eccentric and Iconic Pieces That Art Works of Art

The Eccentric style Allows You to express your personality. In fact, eccentricity in its very nature defies rules and norms in favour of the individual and characteristics. Today, ILOBOYOU takes you on a tour exploring the Eccentric and iconic designed furniture pieces by Boca do Lobo and shows you the importance and the rewards of embracing your individuality in the design of your home.

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Generally, eccentricity is defined as behavior that people think is strange or unusual, the quality of being unusual and different from others. Eccentric spaces Tend To Give a higher value to joy and expression than fashion or statusValuing The Joyeach interior piece brings and celebrates the individual taste of its inhabitants, whatever their style. Creating a joyful space is about being very selectivemaking decisions based on emotion and curating pieces that connect with us with a sense of nostalgia, bring a smile, or simply deliver a sense of comfort.

Eccentricity as a style can’t be defined by just one look. In fact, is characterised mainly by its design approach, resulting in constant ideas or features. The most important is to showcase your style and tell your story and remember that Eccentric style isn’t a look you are trying to realize, instead, it is an approach that tells your story and represents your unique tastePixel Sideboard is one of the most iconic pieces of our brand!


This piece was born from our designers’ strong desire to innovate and their open minds to combine and embrace craftsmanship and techniques from different forms and artistic styles. By valuing joy over fashion, we tend to embrace the unusual and this deviates us from what’s available in mainstream shops. Eccentric interiors generally feature curated items like the selection we bring you today. This includes rare findspersonal collectionsantiques or pieces sourced from unexpected and unique places or individually crafted. Adopting these unique pieces is less about mass appeal and more about the freedom to add the owner’s personality to their space.

The Pixel Anodized Cabinet was born from our designers’ strong desire to innovate and their open mind to combine and embrace craftsmanship and techniques from different forms and artistic style. #bocadolobo #interiordesign #luxuryfurniture #contemporaryfurniture #exclusivepieces #modendecor #homedesign #livingroomdecor #designtrends

An Eccentric style is an approach, not a set style, and shouldn’t be born from fashion trends. Why? Because some aspects of an Eccentric home will fall in and out of fashion throughout the years, fashion becomes irrelevant if the choices we make follow a principle of joy and personal expression of style.

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Being extravagant and embracing this characteristic of yours in your interior design offers the opportunity to explore a style full of spontaneity and create something unpredictable. Extravagant elements can add humour to a space and makes the environment more enjoyable. The best thing is that Eccentric pieces also serve a functional purpose.


Its playful character is captured in shape and colour palette, challenging design and finest craftsmanship. The truth is that our lives and the passage of time sculpt our homes to tell our stories. An Eccentric interior embraces this as well, creating a patchwork of the life we lived.

A Japanese philosophy named Wabi-sabi celebrates imperfections and the beauty of age and wear. By finding beauty in imperfection, we can celebrate the story of each piece and the peculiar elegance of things and life.


collectable design piece for art lovers, the Pixel – Once Upon a Time contemporary cabinet is a remarkable masterpiece born from the finest craftsmanship inspired by the Portuguese legacy.

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About Pixel Collection, these unique pieces aren’t just Eccentric pieces, but also colourful. Colour is a powerful thing and can influence our mood. Knowing that every person experiences and interprets colours differently, Boca do Lobo created different options for everyone’s taste.