Exclusive Pieces That Showcase The Art Of Portuguese Luxury

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Portugal is a country full of history, preserving art and culture in diverse fields, such as furniture, decor, a-architecture, painting, and music. And the Art of Portuguese Luxury needs to be seen and admired by these exclusive pieces.

Eden Center Table

This exclusive piece is named Eden Center Table with this elegant and detailed craftsmanship.‎ Can be more exclusive than you think, made from melted aluminum that can be finished in copper leaf, gold leaf, or silver leaf, available in different sizes, this is the perfect fit for a modern and elegant living room.

Newton Mirror

Besides a modern Mirror, this piece reflects the talent, creativity, and ancestral talent carried by the hands of the talented artisans.

Heritage Sideboard

Another piece of art very kind to us, is the heritage collection, with tiles (azulejos), a traditional handmade and detailed technique of painting tiles. Normally used as a way of expression and decoration to decorate walls full of different histories.  This exclusive piece with hand-painted tiles, where the inside is presently lined with gold leaf. Very loved by Boca do Lobo and is one of the best sellers.

Glance Mirror

This exclusive piece of furniture will give your home that glamour that is missed. The creativity adds so much value to this wall mirror.

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Marie Thérèse Mirror

Inspired by Marie Thérèse, the daughter of Marie Antoinette, and Louis XVI, the last King of France. Full of life and represented through beautiful lines and special elements, giving you the impression that you are living in the queens and king’s era. Through beautiful lines and unique design elements, the Marie Therese Mirror brings a breath of curves embody the quality and integrity of a true art piece.

Filigree Mirror

Boca do Lobo offers pieces made with the most typical and ancient arts from Portugal: filigree, a jewelry technique very known This technique is very delicate in precious metals, usually of gold and silver. One of its most iconic pieces, the Filigree Mirror, is completely handcrafted, with each brass cord fitted, an ode to the portuguese culture. The Filigree Mirror resorts to one of the oldest jewellery making techniques known. A true work of art, this luxurious mirror plays tribute to Boca do Lobo’s core values heritage and craftsmanship.

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