Living Room Decor Ideas Following The Art of Feng Shui

We’re continuously searching for methods to achieve the perfect Living Room Decor home using this ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. In today’s article, we gathered some of the top tips to help you achieve it: from choosing houseplants that offer good luck and wealth to discovering artwork that stimulates gathering with loved ones.

Living Room Decor Ideas Following The Art of Feng Shui

#1 Consider Function

We recommend that you examine how you use the area before relocating or purchasing living room furniture. To get started, consider the following questions concerning function: “What events will take place in the living room?” Is it mostly use for relaxing, entertaining, working, or eating meals?” Understanding the purpose of the area can help you choose what kind of furniture (and how many pieces of furniture) you require.

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#2 Identify a Commanding Position

No living room is complete without a sofa, regardless of its function—and, as it turns out, sofa placement may have a significant influence. To incorporate the design into your home, place your sofa across from the major doorways that you use to enter and exit the room.

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#3 Embrace colour

The optimum colours for your living room may be decided by the compass direction, the five elements, or the Bagua map approach, depending on whatever feng shui method you choose. In general, warm accent colours such as reds, red-oranges, yellows, or even pinks and purples are advised.

#4 Choose accessories thoughtfully

When it comes to adorning your living room, you’ll want to acquire pieces that represent something to you. Make certain that everything you select to exhibit sends positive ‘energy anchors.’ When you view these goods, you should experience a sense of success, wonder, or adventure in your heart. Our surroundings are always impacting us, both consciously and subconsciously.

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#5 Strategically hang mirrors

We recommend hanging a mirror in a tiny living room, but the location is essential. Mirrors may ‘grow a room’ by making it appear and feel larger, but be cautious of what the mirror is reflecting.

#6 Liven Things Up

Plants are essential in creating good feng shui in any living room because they provide ‘life force energy’ to the environment. They may also aid to cleanse the air and add a splash of distinctive texture to the space with their leafy designs.

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#7 Clear Cutter

One of the simplest feng shui concepts to remember is to avoid accumulating clutter in your living room—or any room for that matter. Some may argue that it doesn’t matter, yet science has established that excess clutter has a detrimental mental and physical impact on the human mind and body.

#8 Let light in

Natural light and layered lighting may help to create a bright, inspiring environment. Light is also related to the fire element, which is one of the five elements that should be represented in the space to achieve harmony and balance. Try to brighten dark nooks and shadows to boost feng shui in the living room.

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#9 Choose balance

If feng shui is all about harmony, try harmonizing décor components so that no single material dominates the room. This might imply using a range of textures and finishes. For example, if your living room has a lot of metal, soften it up with fluffy cushions and rugs and a house plant or two.

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