I Lobo You’s Top 10 Instagram Post of 2018

I Lobo you‘s Instagram has become much more than a social media application where we post artistic photos. It allows us to explore and discover deeper into the art world and the best thing is that it even keeps us connected to artists and allows us to interact with them. Filled with creepy, abstract and fun art, Instagram compiles a wide range of contemporary art worthy of our attention and perfect to get us inspired for new Instagram post or articles.

To end the year is near, so what better time to compile our most successful inspirational images than now and look behind to which contemporary artists got our followers so incredibly mesmerized, so here is I Lobo You‘s Top 10! And dear reader, don’t forget to follow our Instagram.






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The final Top 5 is here and it contains some of the best and most fun art ever uploaded, icons of art inspiration for all the art lovers. Each Instagram post is carefully chosen according to what would fit best in the feed, ranging from trends, architectural projects, sculptures, paintings, photography, and much more!






I Lobo You’s Top 10 Instagram Post of 2018

All of these Instagram posts are worthy of your attention, but number 1 leaves anyone utterly stunned. Lei Xue’s can sculpture made of ceramic look so realistic, a cluster of crushed cans, the intricate blue images distorted by grooves and bends, crushed into indiscernible shapes. Check the article that I Lobo You made about Lei Xue’s can sculpture!

I Lobo You’s Top 10 Instagram Post of 2018

I Lobo You’s Top 10 Instagram Post of 2018


Written by Ana Cerqueira


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