Luxury Living Room Cabinets that You Will Love

In recent years, living room design has moved toward a more casual and comfortable style and away from the stuffy “drawing room” designs of past centuries.  In fact, in many homes (big and small), the living room serves as both the entertaining space for guests as well as the family room. In case you are looking for the perfect design furniture for your luxury living room or you’re just trying to find inspiration for your home, the living room cabinets below will make you fall in love!

Luxury living room cabinets that you will love kk

This utterly desirable double door pagoda top armoire is covered in delicate iridescent peacock feathers each individually placed. An exquisite metal ribbon opens the doors to a lavish interior graced with four antique mirror drawers & two adjustable glass shelves. Body finished in high gloss black lacquer with base and top covered in gold leaf.

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Luxury living room cabinets that you will love boca do lobo

Piccadilly Cabinet is composed in a perfect tune that will easily fulfill your living room. You can feel the architectural contrast between the present and the city’s heritage in the streets of London – Piccadilly cabinet perfectly reflects this effect in its pixelated expression.
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Luxury living room cabinets that you will love bb

Who has been star gazing for any length of time has noticed ORION like a distinctive arrangement of stars that brighten from December to April. Known since ancient times, ORION is a constellation lying on the celestial equator, visible from both hemispheres and one of the brightest constellations in the night sky. ORION Cabinet is a remarkable piece of furniture made of wood snuggled by a kind of a brass web whose structure reminds ORION constellation.

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