Maison et Objet 2020 – Boca do Lobo Unveils New Modern Design Pieces

Every single year, design brand Boca do Lobo feels the need to have its creativity running and to unveil new modern design pieces. Being the imposing furniture design brand that it is, with the new year, also comes the eagerness to create, evoke and provoke throughout new luxury design pieces. Some are reinvented in your favorite colors, respecting 2020 design trends, others are total novelties that will leave you utterly stunned and wishing you could simply just witness with your own eyes this incredible homage to modern design.

Perfectly thought and adapted for your most ambitious interior design trends, these contemporary design pieces will revamp and level up your home and entire ambiance. Your luxury home has never looked better with this astonishing modern design.

Versailles Armchair

The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed to the inspiration for the creation of this exuberant modern armchair. Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the need for bringing extravagant modern design creations to life.

Versailles Armchair
Metamorphosis Console

The Metamorphosis modern console table has come to symbolize the evolutionary history of life, representing the last stage of the cycle through the usage of sculpted fossils on display at the top of the table.

Empire Round

The Empire dining table symbolizes generations of gatherings and decisions, both in times of celebration or tension.

Pietra XL

Playing with function and sculptural form, Pietra modern dining table shapes a timeless experience through its classical aura reminding the renaissance era and finest Nero Marquina marble. Do you like this modern design?

Gold Faux-Marble

Possession of furniture design with handpainted faux-marble symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It was a status symbol in those ancient times that inspired our present furniture makers who adopted the concept of hand-painting.

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Sideboards GIF Boca do Lobo
Pixel Sideboard

Strong, durable and invested with beauty and strength, this piece of furniture modern design was handcrafted from the finest materials in designs as functional as they are aesthetically impressive.

Pixel Cabinet

Iconic and unparalleled, the Pixel Cabinet presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. Do you like these pieces for your design trends?

Millionaire Safe

Influenced by the California Gold Rush, the Millionaire Safe is a statement piece designed to cause an impression.

Did you like Boca do Lobo’s new modern design pieces?

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Soleil Chair