Tiles: The Artistic Trend That Will Explode in 2023

Boca do Lobo is known worldwide for creating unique and imponent luxury furniture pieces. All of this brand’s pieces take the knowledge and craftsmanship of the greatest Portuguese artisans and, by using ancient techniques, their artisans create something spectacular, and yet, timeless. There is one Artistic Crafts that is quickly becoming in the world of design and it’s one Craft that Boca do Lobo often uses. We are talking about the Art of Azulejos or Hand-Painted Tiles in Portuguese Manner. So today we invite you to discover this remarkable element of Portuguese Architecture, as well as the peak contemporary design in these Luxury Furniture Pieces.

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One of the key aspects of Portuguese Architecture and cultural identity is the “Azulejo“, or hand-painted tiles, which can be easily found across Portugal in different types of buildings, both inside and outside. The Azulejo is a clay or ceramic plate piece, generally with a square shape decorated with colourful designs which consist, in most cases, of Moorish patterns. However, these hand-painted tiles also often portray scenes from Portuguese history, such as episodes from the Discoveries erarecollecting memories of a distant past and immortalizing Portuguese heritage.

The process is very intricate. The drawing is made on parchment paper that is drawn with a graffiti pen and stamped with a coal pencil in the tile. The paintwork is done with water-based paint; a powder that is mixed with water to work the density.

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The painting process requires knowledge: not too watery and not too strong. The outline is made from the contour brush, and then the background is painted with a swath brush to highlight the piece. The hand-painted tile goes to the oven and the rest of the coal disappears. The process is complete. Heritage Collection honours tradition and tells history and elevates any iconic design, taking ancient techniques and exceptional craftsmanship to a whole new level.


The Heritage Sideboard is a magnificent journey through Portuguese legacy. Covered in Azulejostraditional hand-painted tiles and one of the most representative art forms of Portuguese culture, this contemporary sideboard portrays different scenes from the country’s Discoveries era. The perfect example of hand-painted furniture.

Centuries of history are gathered in a single final panel, and each layer is enhanced by vertical mirrors on the lateral surfaces. The hint of wander through the rich legacy continues when two-door open to a lined glossy gold leaf interior, and a classical ornament trim which makes this Luxury Furniture piece distinctive in its opulence.

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Giving colour to the iconic Boca do Lobo’s Lapiaz ConsoleLapiaz Tiles is born from exceptional craftsmanship and takes design to a new realm. This contemporary console is masterfully covered by traditional hand-painted tiles, combined with its organic feature achieved through the manual fitting of the polished brass sheet.

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The Lapiaz Tiles Console is an exceptional design piece that looks magnificent in any luxury room. This contemporary console, masterfully covered by white and blue Azulejos is the ultimate addition to your Luxury Interior Design.

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