Time goes by, catch it with charm

A clock went from generation to generation and whose pendulum has swung again and again. Its story began at the time of the Kings, when a believer jeweler decided to build a clock that counted every second of life. The idea was that the pendulum swung each time acquire knowledge, cultural heritage. The pendulum balance and the number grows up on the monitor, a number, a challenge. A challenge, an outcome…learning.

A handcarved mahogany framed digital clock with a cut stainless steel pendulum is encased in a smoked glass box supported by an ornate handcarved mahogany base covered in silver leaf and finished with a combination of high gloss amethyst and smoked black translucent varnish.

One day my grandfather said to me: “time and age is a sign of profound knowledge”. A luxury watch that gives knowledge’s hours and cultural tradition.