Top 20 Luxury Nightstand – Inspirations by Boca do Lobo

The bedroom holds a very important role in the combination of divisions which make up a loveable house, or unforgettable hotel room. A place reserved for intimacy and rest, it should be configured for maximum relaxation, comfort and security. There are many details which shouldn’t be overlooked when configuring and decorating the bedroom, from the en-suite, to the dressing room and sleeping chamber. Disposition and configuration, colour pallet, furniture aesthetic, and without forgetting all textiles such as curtains and bedding. One important piece is the luxury nightstand you will choose!

An appropriate decor makes all the difference in turning the bedroom into a familiar place, where all furniture and accessories should balance out. In this article we explore a selection of 20  modern nightstands for the luxury bedroom, which range in style and aesthetic, fit to suit any master bedroom. These smaller furniture pieces have an incredible impact on the room’s overall feel and in certain cases, can make or break the bedroom decor.

Frank Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


Bizzotto’s 559 Bedside table has a sophisticated yet slightly rugged look. Available in an assortment of textiles and leathers, it is also finished with metal corners and studs for a trunk effect, which is balanced out with clean legs in polished aluminium.

Guggnheim Nightstand by Boca do Lobo

Curved lines with luxurious materials and elements, such as leather straps and mirrored details remains very much a standard within the contemporary luxury bedroom.

Lapiaz Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


It is worth considering tall and slim nightstands when looking to achieve a truly elegant feel.

Metropolitan Nightstand by Boca do Lobo

Keeping bedside table’s simple and sober also allows for anything on them to have a certain distinction.

Pixel Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


A curvaceous nightstand inspiration with a neutral and warm color influence.

Symphony Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


Less is more when all the elements are harmoniously integrated in one single space, as we can see though this minimalist and modern bedside table.

Tower Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


Luxury nightstand with a golden touch

Sinuous Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


Elegant nightstand combined with classic elements and a soft and neutral color palette.

Wave Nightstand by Boca do Lobo


This classical bedside table really contrasts with the monochromatic interior design set, through its dark and charismatic color.