Iconic Creations by Boca do Lobo: The Unparalleled Pixel

With the big mark of the 15 years comes the moment to reminisce about the 15 iconic pieces that all together, made “the” Boca do Lobo that is on the luxury design market today. Let’s remember one of the most exclusive, creative and artsy modern design pieces ever created by the design brand: the Pixel Cabinet.

Iconic and unparalleled, the Pixel Cabinet by Boca Do Lobo presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering contemporary design. Made out of 1088 triangles, the upper part of the Pixel Cabinet plays with perception and combines exceptional materials with multicolored compositions to give the cabinet a unique, striking design: handmade leaf gilding triangles, 10 different types of wood leaves from palisander to African walnut veneer, and acquiring.

“Special Product, Made In 2009 By The Design Studio Of Boca Do Lobo Led By Marco Costa. Symbolizing The Change, It Was A Product That Broke The Line Drawn Until Then. Today It Is One Of The Most Loved Pieces, Loved By The Press, Loved By Design Afficcionatos And One Of Boca Do Lobo’s Best Sellers Ever.”

– Marco Costa

Behind its two doors, this bar cabinet surprises with a timeless combination of aged mirror and a diamond quilted blue silk fabric, containing nine interior drawers, each one with its golden knob. The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique and sophisticated character.

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